Happy Weed Life

Our blog is sort of like a weed memoir. We just want to show people that not everyone who smokes weed is a degenerate. You can use it responsibly and still take care of business. That's precisely what we do. We use it and we use it often, but only after we have taken care of the major tasks we set for ourselves daily. We think this is how everyone should operate, except for medical users. They need to use it first, then tackle their day, feeling a lot better. We're not medical users so we don't operate in that fashion. We know anyone has the right to use it however they please, and we love that. But we also know that with some strains, being productive is impossible while under the influence. Even though we love weed, it's very saddening to know that at any moment the feds could come snatch us away from our families for partaking in such activities. I'm not going to speak much on that, but it burns in the back of my head sometimes. Maybe one day things will change, but for now it's the stark, saddening reality of the world we live in.